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学士,伦道夫 - 梅肯女子学院
Ph.D., Oregon Health & Science University



心理学: 助理教授

神经科学: 助理教授和主要的共同协调人

前健康: 助理教授

医学预科: 助理教授

卫生专业顾问委员会: 助理教授

萨拉荷斯坦 earned her Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience from Oregon Health & Science University. Her primary research interests surround the neuropharmacological basis of acute alcohol sensitivity and drinking behaviors using a rodent model. She is especially interested in developmental differences in sensitivity to alcohol and how the protracted patterns of neural development during adolescence may promote binge-like drinking during this adolescent period.  She joined the psychology faculty in August 2015.